Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spinal Decompression Scams

Over the past few years non-surgical spinal decompression devices have become the latest craze within the Chiropractic field. The question is, are they really effective? This has become a billion dollar business for manufacturing companies, franchises, and Dr's.

Patients are told that this device can actually prevent the need for invasive back surgery.

Insurance companies do not cover this procedure therefore patients need to pay for this treatment out of pocket with NO GUARANTEES. Many Dr's. bill the insurance company if the patient has insurance and no ability to pay. This is accomplished by using fraudulent codes in order to obtain payment.

Many Dr's will claim that the device they are using is FDA approved when in fact it is not.
According to the FDA there is only one device that has been cleared by the FDA.

Furthermore, clinical studies on non-surgical spinal decompression are INCONCLUSIVE.

Manufacturing companies are cranking out all sorts of these devices and they NOT approved for effectiveness or safety!!!!

Please DO NOT consider this procedure as an option until you consult with your primary treating physician, contact the FDA for clearance on the device that is being used, and check to see who the manufacturing company is then check for past violations.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK! It is about your health and your hard earned money. Please realize that this is a way to offer false hope for many that are vulnerable due to pain and suffering.

Non surgical spinal decompression devices can very well cause further injuries.

Do not be taken advantage of. Many of these devices are nothing more than a scam with false promises!

Everyone else gets richer at your expense!